Blogging Futures

For hyperlink.academy I am “running” a “course” called Blogging Futures! It is an open exploration about the future of writing on the web, what that would look like, and how we can facilitate that future today.

The format is a weekly prompt and discussion that takes the form of a blogchain that anyone can contribute to. All you have to do is write up a post on your blog or any anonymous publishing platform that responds to the prompt or any of the posts in the blogchain. After publishing, fill out the form on the course page and your post will be added to the blogchain.

As far as learning goals go, I’d like to see what others imagine writing on the web could be, whether that is a vision I share or had not anticipated before. Beyond that it would be great to have certain visions that are actionable during or after the course.

Here’s to the future of writing on the web!


The blogchain is growing!!! A great conversation is forming already. We are coming up to the end of the first week which ends on Wednesday.

I was thinking about writing up a prompt for next week but I wanted to throw it out to everyone to see if they had any further ideas. Should we have a new prompt, taking what has been written and forming new questions, or continue without one, using each post as a prompt for the next. Maybe someone else wants to write the prompt (@jaredpereira) ?

Thanks for those who have contributed and if you haven’t, please consider it - the water is just fine!


Pulling questions from the existing posts could be pretty interesting, at a quick glance we got:

where’s the new infrastructure layer across blogs that helps the New Blogging scenius attract and retain a New Blog Reader scenius?

But what do those doorways look like for blogs? What does it mean for others to contribute to our blogs? What could that look like?

What would a set of norms for blog participation, like this set of norms for voluntary groups, look like?

“just what is a blog in the first place?”

How do different activities in daily life structure how we think?

That being said I could also see an entirely new prompt being interesting. It’s early days in this conversation and so it could be neat to just generate a bunch of directions at this point. (for a totally different kind of experience, what if the prompt was to write “blogging fiction” encapsulating a blogging future)

I really like how your initial post wasn’t just a single sentence but a collection of jumping off points, and quotes. Maybe something similar could be built out of the links people had in the initial batches…

I can’t think of something off the top of my head, but let me take a look at the posts again and see if anything jumps out!

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Those are great suggestions @jaredpereira!

This has me thinking that the prompt should be structured similarly but have all the quotes being from each post in the chain so far (like the questions you gathered). That way everyone’s contribution is taken into account and can potentially contribute to future discussion.

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New weekly prompt for the course is up! Check it out here and be sure to add a post to the blogchain we have going. Every contribution counts and feel free to add multiple entries!


The final prompt is up! Be sure to check out the chain and contribute here! Contributions will be taken until the end of day Sunday, the 24th. There’s a lot of great conversation taking place and I’d love to see more thoughts on the future of writing on the web before we wrap it up!